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It is excellent! It works and makes me feel great. Arrived earlier than expected. It comes in a very nice box, with instructions with small print size but clearly explained. I am very happy with this product.

Good price send fast Usa , the Item send electric small shots to calm down or relax very good

Has shock waves that helps the brain produce the substances we need to sleep and be well. It arrived well. And fast.

Working well.
Product as per description.

Ininsomnia disappear while writing my review! 😃

It arrived in perfect condition. Super well packed. It's light, and it works.

Exactly the image includes charger and good material instructive.

Excellent condition is the same as the photo. Well packed

Beautiful product. I did fall asleep with him faster, due to these small discharges, it distracts before bedtime from obsessive thoughts. After some time, it seems that it turns off itself.

The delivery is very fast. To be honest, I doubted the work of the device, but it was in vain! Suffering from hypertension and insomnia, I deliberately did not drink pills before going to bed in five minutes removes arrhythmia ten minutes later the rough skin on my hands fell asleep using mode 15. Works Real! Specially did not leave the gap right away what to experience. Working product has a built-in Timer. Seller Thank you very much!!!

The box came completely sealed, the material is all plastic, it is very light and the size of the hand without problem, it feels disposable, It is working well. It took me 17 days to reach CDMX.

arrived quickly, sophisticated packaging, fully corresponds to the description.

The first impression is good, but it will probably take longer to write a correct opinion.

I'm not saying that it's bad for sleeping, but the "pinching" rhythmic stimulus experienced during use rather wakes me up, gives me energy, which I don't mind, because I have a hard time waking up. its effect will be more noticeable if your palm is slightly damp, if it is not comfortable to hold, then place your palm on it ;)

Aesthetically made. Sent quickly and in good condition. Indeed, it emits electrical impulses. The strength with which you feel them depends not only on the set level of intensity but also on the exact place of the hand the device is holding. The product I use briefly, so I am not able to determine whether it definitely causes such medical effects as declared by the manufacturer. Perhaps this is a coincidence but I have noticed an increase in the duration of my sleep. So maybe indeed the product actually works...

It arrived somewhat late, normally around the New Year holidays! It corresponds exactly to the description. After it was tested, for now I can say that it works. Thanks!

Works very well. Pulsations can be changed in level and it is very comfortable to hold at night.

Vibrates, there are impulses, It works very well for anxiety

Excellent Product 👍

Very nice product It arrived Fast 5 stars to the seller

Fast delivery despite the holidays, well packed, delivered in a box, fast recharging, beautiful product.
For sleep aid, I tried different settings, and sometimes it works and sometimes not, I tested in the right hand and left hand because I am left-handed, anyway, the product is beautiful, visible in the dark, cheap, so even if it's just a placebo, The fact of holding something in your hand, it's relaxing, it heats up a bit, it can also serve as a night light to move around. I like this product, effective or not, to see in the next few days, but not a bad purchase. I recommend buying this product, you have to get used to it, and for the price you have nothing to lose trying!

Helpful to have a good night's sleep.